MFMC Junior Competition Awards 2021

Bravo students for your fantastic performance videos submitted for the MFMC Junior Competition 2021! It was an obvious deviation from our traditional in-person event, but each of us who viewed the work were truly delighted to see these entries.

Thank you to our judges, Sunghee Hinners (Washington University), Pavel Ilyashov (Webster University), and Jennifer Johnson Cano (recording/performing artist), for their deep commitment to music and for committing their time at home to adjudicate our MFMC Juniors’ performances. 

Awards are as follows: 

$150  Piano Winner Joshua Fullmer (Beth Grace, District I)
$150  Vocal Winner Josephine Turner (Jan Houser, III)
$150  Strings Winner Rich Qian (Joseph Kaminsky, IV)
$100 Piano  1st Runner Up Andy Sun (David Tauscher, I)
$100 Vocal  1st Runner Up Garrison Mack (Jane Munson-Berg, V-A)
$100  Strings  1st Runner Up Emma Friedman (Lydia Roberto, III)

$75  Any Instrument   Honorable Mention -Dylan Chou-Pinheiro, Piano (Meredith Taylor, V)
$75  Any Instrument   Honorable Mention – Prisha Choudhary, Piano (Oksana Shpringman, IV)

Prize recipients may expect awards to be mailed within 2-4 weeks. 

Thank you again to every performer, family member, friend, teacher, and every helping hand that took part in making this year’s exciting MFMC Junior Competition Online! We look forward to the energy and enthusiasm you bring each year, and we’re already excited for next year’s event experience!