2018 Junior Composer winners

We would like to announce the winners of our MFMC State Junior Composers Contest.

Class IV:

1st place:   Olivia Bennett, student of Carlyle Sharpe, for “Nefarious”
2nd place:  Madeline Stoces, student of Jennifer Harkey, for “The Minerva Thief”

Class III:

1st place:   Abigail Coates, student of Cindy Dittrich, for “Minuet & Trio in D minor”
2nd place:  Sarah Miller, student of Leann Rodman, for “Mist in the Forgotten Garden”

Class II:

1st place:   Evan Marshall, student of Chris Vitt, for “Echoes”
2nd place:  Sophia Tasset, student of Rebecca Scott, for “Caught in the Wind”