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July 2018 Newsletter


The Junior Composers Competition is where young musical talent, whether emerging or experienced, can receive recognition for their compositional creativity.  This competition is for all composers ages 9-18. Entrants do not need to be studying composition and, for some, it is their first attempt at creating a work. Any member of a Junior Club or any Individual Junior member is eligible. Entries must be sent as a pdf, produced and notated via a notation software program or hand notated, scanned and emailed.  Digital recordings are required for all classes.

This year the Missouri Federated Music Club awarded prizes in Classes II, II and IV.  Previous entries have included everything from an 8 measure piano piece to a 20 minute piano quartet; from ragtime to new age; from pieces with very simple rhythm to those with amazing complexity.

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s 2018 Junior Composer Competition along with their recordings.  We hope you enjoy their wonderful works!

Class II Evan MarshallEchoes

Class III Abigail CoatesMinuet & Trio in D minor

Class IV Olivia BennettNefarious